Reports give you the ability to show your clients the impact you're making on their business.  You can share a web report or download them as a PDF or CSV for offline viewing.

Building Reports

To create a new report, click 'Analytics' in the left nav bar, then click 'Reports'.  Then click 'New Report'.

A popup will appear to create the new report. From this screen, you can enter a title and select a date range for your report.

If you click on Toggle Advanced, you will have the option to include ROI Metrics, a cover page, ad results, and more.

* Please Note: We only have the ability to pull in the analytics for boosted posts, and not other ad types.

To include ROI metrics, simply input your ad spend and we will automatically calculate your cost per engagement, exposure, and follower. You will also have the option to integrate your google analytics.

Once you click 'Generate Report', we will collect analytics for all of the social media accounts you manage and aggregate website analytics, if required.

Sharing Reports

Your reports will appear in chronological order of the date they were created. There are three options to share your reports - PDF, CSV, or shareable link.

To download as a PDF or CSF simply hover over the gear icon next to the desired report and click 'Download PDF' or 'Download CSV', respectively.

The link will allow you to share a live version of your report to whomever you send it to.

Employees do not need to be logged into the platform to view this link.

These reports are completely configurable. You can choose exactly which sections you would like to include or exclude. To do so, click 'Edit Report' from the dropdown menu.

This populates a screen to edit the report. These can be edited, even after the link has been sent.

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