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Autofilling Your Schedule

Auto Filling

Another way to fill your schedule is through the auto-fill tool. With this, you can automatically fill your schedule queues with selected content categories. As such, whenever anything is added to your content library and is tagged with the relevant category, it will automatically be placed in its corresponding queue.

For instance, if you have a schedule dedicated to 'Taco Tuesday', you could auto-fill it with a category aptly named 'Taco Tuesday". This means, whenever an item is added to your library which you tag as 'Taco Tuesday', it will be put in the 'Taco Tuesday' queue.

To use this feature, navigate to your queues, and click on the content menu (ellipsis) in the top-right of the queue.  Then click 'Auto-Fill'.


From there, you will be prompted to select the categories you would like to auto-fill the queue with. Additionally, from this screen, you can select which accounts you would like the content posted to.

If you want to use the default accounts set on the content, select 'Any Accounts'.

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