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Social Media Management

In the old days you could rely on customers finding you through phone books and classifieds. Today's customers expect to find you on Facebook and Twitter for their first impressions of you. So imagine what can happen if they can't find you, or if they do, and you haven't posted anything in the last two years. 


Running a business can be hard enough, even without the expectation of marketing yourself online.

Here at Creative Cove we offer a wide selection of Social Media Management Plans and Tools whether you want to make your online experience easier, or let us take care of it for you.

Social Media Marketing Plans

One Time Set Up Fee and Consultation

  • Annual planning

  • 1-2 Hours Consultation

  • Set up and organize social media accounts into software system.

  • Check and Analyze all social media accounts

Annual Membership include

• Post to 8 platforms:

Google My Business
Tik Tok 

• 1-2 hours monthly consultation

• Monthly organic posting

• Monthly planning

• Monthly Reports 


3x a Week Posting (Annual Plan)

Our most popular plan. Tired of running a business and maintaining a social media presence? Let us do the work for you while you reap the benefits. We'll design and post beautiful designs custom tailored to you and your business 3 times each week.


5x a Week Posting (Annual Plan)

We'll design and post beautiful designs custom tailored to you and your business every day!

*Contact us for pricing.


*We have a $25 to send out emails and set up digital ads plus the costs of platform fee. 

Not sure what your business needs? Come in for a free consultation and we'll help you find out the best plan for you and your business.


Drive your traffic up 10,000%

We've taken clients from 20 hits per day to 20,000 hits per day.

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