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Our Creative Team

Our Purpose

As graphic designers, we realize that the ultimate power of communicating messages that visually stand out. It is highly important to design with substantial emphasis to the existing content. We strive to keep the company's best interests in mind by creating a unique blend colors, illustrations, animations, print- and layout techniques. Also, understanding of the company's image and the desired effect they are intending to communicate.


Graphic designers have a tremendous role in communicating the ideas of a company or individual. An image is sometimes worth a thousand words and nothing can underline that more than a vivid design that practically brings the content to life. Our clients who have the desire of adding a visual plus to their content would employ the services of graphic designers. The ultimate reason behind this is that these graphic designs often manage to communicate the message in such an eye-catching way that even the most intriguing content could not compete with it.

Stacy Macdonald

Digital Creator/ Director

Stacy is a digital design and graphic artist. She loves both design and marketing. Stacy has owned several businesses including a franchise restaurant and tanning salon. Stacy earned her bachelor degree in art w/ graphic design emphasis. She worked for DSU in the UMAC as one of the lead graphic designers in Creative Services. Stacy enjoys helping businesses visually communicate and loves finding innovative ways to save businesses money; by providing customers with versatility in design concepts and products. Her speciality is in product design and print on various elements.  

Jonathan Clark

Digital Artist & Web Design/Developer

Jonathan has the great combination of artistry and web coding. He loves the creative aspect of working on various projects with each of our clients. He has a passion for artistic projects that involve package design and illustrations. He also loves 3D design and printing. Jonathan earned his bachelor degree of science in graphic design at Stevens Henager College. Jonathan will take on most challenges to find solutions for web development needs for our clients. He loves a unique project that involves different types of product to print with. He is constantly educating himself on the latest trends for the design industry. 

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